tiensA CHINESE CEO has treated 2,500 of his staff with a trip to Spain.

Li Jinyuan, the billionaire owner of direct-sales firm Tiens Group, spent €7m to charter 20 planes and book 1,650 hotel rooms.

The group has been enjoying the sights of Madrid, and will soon jump aboard specially reserved high-speed trains to Barcelona.

“We chose Spain because the people are warm, friendly and passionate,” said Li Zongmin, the magnate’s son and a Tiens vice-president, “Furthermore, the food is delicious.”

The group filled out the Moralzarzal bullring on Friday to watch a bloodless bullfight and flamenco display, before enjoying a traditional Spanish lunch of paella and sangria.

tiens CEO

CEO Li Jinyuan is worth at least $5.6bn and is ranked as China’s 33rd richest person.

Last year he forked out millions to take more than 6,400 of his employees to France, chartering 84 planes, 200 hotels and a private tour of the Louvre.

The trips are a growing trend among billionare CEO’s and are described as a win win for the staff and the companies.

Staff remain motivated and loyal while in marketing terms the company earns free global publicity.

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