photo 3 (3)THE best Irish bar outside of Ireland has officially opened its doors on the Costa del Sol.

With champagne bottles, Guinness and Elvis impersonator at the ready, Healy Mac’s cut the ribbon in style.

Unveiling a new deck area, the popular watering hole in Estepona port now boasts three separate terrace areas to enjoy the view out to sea.

As well as its picturesque setting, Healy Mac’s is also the best place to watch sport, with several flat screens accessible both inside and out.

Add in Stelvis (British Elvis impersonator, real name Steve) and a stellar menu – look out for the chicken goujons and filet steak – and Healy Mac’s ticks all the boxes.  

photo 1 (3)A family owned business established in Cork, Ireland, Healy Mac’s set up shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009 where it was crowned ‘the best Irish bar outside of Ireland’.

Bringing several members of the Malaysian team over to Spain, Healy Mac’s is already going down a hit with expats and is bound to be full come the Euros.

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  1. Chas,
    visited Lugo, up in the hills in northern Galicia, by the gods it rains there. An Irish pub, packed out and apart from ourselves not a Brit or any other foreigner in sight, anywhere, just Celtic gallegos. Spoke to the owner,anyone mentions flamenca, they get their lights punched out.

    Sang a few Irish/Scots anti English Imperialist songs, went down a treat, could’nt buy a drink, left very mellow and it was still b@##@y raining. Personally I can’t see the attraction of ‘the Irish pub’ but I think a lot of Europeans would disagree with you and I mean non Brit or Irish Europeans.

    If you should ever get to the UK, south, try the Basketmakers in Brighton, been a wonderful pub for nearly 3 decades, say hello to the guvner ‘Blue’ for me. BTW the beer is’nt flat and it is’nt crap like commercial American beers.

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