David CameronA MILLION British expats are set to lose out after David Cameron’s pledge to extend voting rights was scrapped.

Under the former Prime Minister’s plan, expats living in Spain and elsewhere for more than 15 years would be granted a vote in UK general elections.

The current law blocks expats who have been living abroad for more than 15 years from voting in the UK.

But it is believed Whitehall has scrapped the plans as electoral registers are only kept for 15 years.

Last month, the Olive Press launched a campaign demanding better dual nationality for expats in Spain who have no political representation.

Expat campaigner Brian Cave told the Olive Press: “Very large numbers of British citizens resident in the other EU States are worried and at worst profoundly fearful for their future.

“The story suggests it is the Civil Service which has come up with this ‘too difficult’ argument.

“We are not governed by the Civil service – are we?”

He added: “The French and the Italian expats have politicians who represent them – why not Britain?

“As I have been saying for years, a key issue facing expats is a lack of communication between them and politicians. The heart of our cause is to get a voice in Parliament.”

Cameron’s proposed change to the law, which was included in the 2015 Queen’s Speech, would have seen expats given a vote in the last British constituency they lived in.

Brits who have been living in Spain for more than 15 years are hit twice as they cannot vote in the Spanish general election either.

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