un-general-assemblyGIBRALTAR has been listed as a priority for Spain during the 71st United Nations General Assembly.

Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in its statement at the beginning of the session that it would defend the principle of territorial integrity and application to Gibraltar.

Earlier this month, Spanish foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said he would brief EU ministers on joint-sovereignty of the Rock.

He then claimed Brexit represented the best opportunity since the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht for Spain to regain control of the British territory.

Gibraltar politicians, including first minister Fabian Picardo, have since criticised Margallo for having a ‘ridiculous obsession’ with claiming sovereignty of the Rock.

Spain’s other priorities include working on international peace, migration and humanitarian challenges, human rights, sustainable development, and the election of a new Secretary General and UN reform.


  1. The UK must return Gibraltar, Malvinas, Northern Ireland and Chagos to their real owners, that is, Spain, Argentina, the Republic of Ireland and the Chagossian. 4 different problems and 1 common denominator: the UK.
    Not by chance they are the most corrupted nation on earth.

  2. Must admit I found this quite amusing.
    Spain’s other priorities include working on international peace, migration and humanitarian challenges, human rights, sustainable development, and the election of a new Secretary General and UN reform.
    Lets look at each suggestion.
    1. Spain’s other priorities include working on international peace.
    2. migration and humanitarian challenges.
    3. human rights.
    4. sustainable development,
    5. the election of a new Secretary General and UN reform.

  3. Some numbers: Gibraltar unemployment: 3%. La Linea de la Concepción: 34.2%. Algeciras: 28.7%… although an article from RTVE from March this year has La Línea at 40.1% and Sanlucar de Barameda at 42.3%. Maybe, instead of Spain taking over Gibraltar, we should examine the opposite…
    In population, Gibraltar is 30,000 souls. Melilla and Ceuta between them are 160,000 people. Now Spain may say that these are different, but which other country in the world is going to accept that? Will Magrallo be silly enough to bet 30,000 against the potential loss of 160,000?
    Lastly – what would Spain do with the Gibbos? Shoot them, deport them or make them Spanish – effectively adding 30,000 rebels to the state!

    • I think that your arguments shows a great degree of confusion.

      You are missing the point taht the economy of Gibraltar is based in fiscal advantages that allow the existence of business as the commerce of tobacco , the residence of firms, the bunkering of fuel , the internet games, etc. Things that in La Linea , san Lucar, etc, can not be made.

      That Ceuta and Melilla are not comparable to Gibraltar. Look for the UN resolutions if you have some doubt.

      And respect the inhabitants of Gibraltar, nobody wants to harm his rights nor his aspirations. It is only a question of recover the territorial integrity of Spain,without to produce sufferings to anybody.

      • So Spain would promise, hand on heart, to allow Gibraltar to go its’ own sweet way as long as they surrendered their territorial integrity? Forgive my snort of derision Anselmo. As a famous comic actor used to frequently say, “I don’t believe it”.

    • unemployment in spanish towns with less than 10.000 inhabitants:
      Naut Aran 0.97%
      Figueruelas 1.07%
      Galar 1.34%
      Loiu 1.6%
      and the list goes on and on.

      If you want to compare a tiny little village like gibraltar, you have to do it with comparable towns.

      you are not very bright, are you?

    • Gibraltar will never again be a part of Spain, 300 years and you still don’t get it. The only way you will get it back is by marching over the border and taking it. But that aint going to happen, so will you, please, finally just shut your mouth! We are all so tired of your terrible English and embarrassing Napoleon complex.

      • your attack of indignation constitutes a sample of cognitive disonance and shows that you lack arguments, apart of your call to the use of the war as procedure for to resolve decolonization problems.

        Complex napoleonic? …. very imaginative.

        Bad english? …. I lament to say that I agree with You and I ask for excuses.

        • Gate? What gate? Oh you mean the border will be closed. Well, I guess the UK can then reply by halting all Spanish exports to the UK, Then it could nationalise all Spanish companies in the UK. And maybe end it with a tax of 500 GBP for anyone from the UK heading to Spain on holiday…

          • halting all spanish exports to the uk?
            the uk is a tiny little market.
            and no more british tourists and immigrants would be like a bless.
            you have had a great idea for once in your life.
            well done.

          • Spanish exports to UK 2015 – 22 Bn Eur
            UK tourist spend in Spain 2015 – 8.5 Bn Eur

            I forgot that Spain in the richest country in the world and doesn’t need this money, sorry.

    • That towns don’t have ‘territorial inegrity’ is nonsense. The column in front of towns, the foro, was a sign of their integrity. Your argument is formalistic nonsense convenient to part politics, not democratic understanding.

    • It isn’t your grasp of English that’s at fault Anselmo, It’s your memory. On one hand you urge Spain to “recover its’ territorial integrity”. The next comment produces the assertion that Gibraltar doesn’t possess territorial integrity.
      You can’t have it both ways.

        • You are using formalistic arguments, which are the antithesis of rational discourse. As long as one sets up problems starting with an over-arching law, as in geometry, one can only use deductive reasoning. As Aristotle taught us, logic isn’t limited to proving a rule is true, but includes as well inductive hypothesis formation that can be tested. So starting with definitions from ancient regimes won’t do, because you exclude all current realities by your narrow, self serving definition of what constituted a city in times no longer relevant to the problem at hand. Thinking necessitates exploration of ideas and facts, not stubborn adherence to a mechanistic, static worldview where everything has its rightful place because some elite despot or religious figure decreed it.

          • Seems to me that you are mistaking deductive thinking (Plato et al.) with delirious thinking. The thinking not constrained by certain formalities that link it with the real world, is a waste of energy.

            The thinking based in ambigous concept and fuzzy relations is a scar that human kind owes to two class of ideologies: the social democrat and the wrongly called nationalism. So the peoples are deprived of their critic thinking, in benefit of their dominant minorities.

  4. Anselmo, with your face to the sun you’ve gone blind.
    “The method employed I would gladly explain,
    While I have it so clear in my head,
    If I had but the time and you had but the brain—
    But much yet remains to be said.
    – Lewis Carrol, The Hunting of the Snark

  5. Chas,
    your wasting your time – Pablo Cedron is certifiable and Anselmo has denial syndrome, sadly like so many Spanish.

    The EU is close to collapse in so many sectors – banking, Italian/Spanish/German banks will all collapse, all it will take is one more shock and that’s it. That stupid German woman has caused an immigration problem that can only grow and grow, people in many countries are being insulted by parasitic metros as being racist when in reality they feel their countries are being overrun by those with totally different mindsets.

    And then we have Spain a country put together against the wishes of many of it’s disparate peoples (Just like the UK). Catalunya is not Spanish, different racial group and never wished to be ruled by Aryans from the centre, same goes for Pais Vasco and the Euskadi. Those same Aryan invaders want Gibralter but their hypocracy and denial syndrome have no limits. They are not North African Semites and have no right to be anywhere in North Africa but they will never agree to that.

    • stuart, let me see…
      1st i am not spanish, but ar-gen-ti-nian, of catalan ancestry, living in barcelona since 15 years ago.
      2nd, whats your level of education? kindergarten?
      who told YOU that cataluña is not spanish?
      who told YOU that they (WE) are a different racial group?
      it seems to me that you are stuck in the racial doctrine of the nazis.
      spain is composed by a lot of peoples, and as everybody knows, except you, those peoples got mixed through the centuries.

      El núcleo doctrinal del catalanismo

      Francisco Caja

      Colección: ENSAYO

  6. An obsession with race hides the simple fact that all people are human beings. A difficult truth for people who seek simplistic answers to complex problems. Racial profiling has been used in the past to justify many evils and is still being used today.

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