SUSPECTED fraudster Jan Herman Brinkman has been tracked down in Marbella.

The alleged crook, accused of swindling dozens of victims on the Costa del Sol and his native Holland out of hundreds of thousands of euros in a string of property scams, was confronted by a Dutch television crew from Opgelicht, Holland’s top investigative crime show.

Brinkman and wife Johanna
Brinkman and wife Johanna

It comes after a number of Olive Press articles into the alleged fraudster, his father-in-law Jan Te Riet and wife Johanna Te Riet.

During the programme shown on Dutch tv channel NPO1 on Tuesday night, Brinkman was labelled a ‘career criminal’ with a trail of alleged victims stretching back to 2003.

In the film, one alleged victim, stuntman Peter Wicke, could be seen reading a copy of the original Olive Press exclusive into his case with Brinkman, in which Marbella-based Wicke claims he was conned in a fake 5million film deal.

Frank Ferris, another alleged victim of Brinkman who we featured in our last edition, is also seen being interviewed about Brinkman and his wife, who left him with unpaid rent and legal bills of 30,000 after moving into his Estepona home.

When Brinkman was approached by journalist Suzanne van Asseldonk, he walked silently to his Porsche Cayenne before driving off.

Police in Holland are believed to be investigating Brinkman, with the Dutchman also recently called in for questioning by Spanish authorities.

A court in Estepona is now looking into the alleged fraud of Toon Van de Wiel, who claims he lost more than 90,000 to Brinkman.

The full programme, in Dutch, can be seen here



  1. I was one of his intended victims but saw through the obvious deceit when his partner (investor) asked me to pay his flight and his hotel stay in Marbella. He offered to invest 5 million.Before that his responses to my questions and enquiries were so evasive or unanswered that I already suspected a fraud, but I played him along to see how far it would go. All emails are now already in the hands of the police and prosecution . He is not very bright. He told me where his kids went to school here in Marbella. Maybe he wrongly figured that would instill confidence, but it became his undoing which in part is why the dutch investigators found him at the school.. They need to enjoy many years in solitary.

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