Adrian in the ring

A FAMILY is taking legal action against online ‘trolls’ who called for the death of their terminally ill son.

Adrian Hinojosa has always wanted to be a bullfighter, but his dreams were cut short when he was diagnosed with an incurable bone cancer last year.

The bull-fighting world took the eight-year-old boy into their heart and organised a corrida in Valencia, where he was taken into the ring.

They have also begun collecting funds to help research the disease.

But a small faction of anti-bullfighters, or anti-taurinos, disagreed with the move and began calling for the boy’s death on social media.

One user wrote: “Die now, die now, a sick child who wants to be cured to kill innocent and healthy herbivores who also want to live. Anda yaaaaa! Adrian, go die!”

Another added: “I don’t care about his life, and he’s probably being treated in the public system, using my money!”

Bullfighters lent their support to Adrian on social media, using the hashtag #Adriantevasacurar (Adrian you will be cured).

His father says the support and his time in the ring has given Adrian an ‘injection of strength.’

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  1. Cruel people trolling the terminally ill child are sociopathic. Their craziness has nothing to do with objecting to the cruelty within the Spanish bull-fighting tradition who, from my experience, respect life.
    A few crazy people who also call themselves ‘anti-taurinos’ yet support cruelty to humans do not represent anti-cruelty to animal activists any more than ISIS thugs represent real Islam. Both groups are merely sadists.

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