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Business schools in Spain named best in the world for entrepreneurs

Spain  best students

Spain-2-best-studentsBUSINESS schools in Spain have been named the best in the world for entrepreneurs.

Research by the Financial Times found that Spain had the highest proportion of students who set up their own company following graduation.

With 26% of its business school students creating their own company, the country surpassed the US and UK, with 19% and 24% respectively.

Spain’s students were also found to be the most driven, receiving a 9.1 out of 10 in the ‘motivation’ category.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Spain has a world class education system. The British can not compare with the quality of Spains Universities. The paperwork and red tape in UK is why business is better and easier in Spain.

    • I suppose you are being ironic. Spain is world-renowned for red tape and interference in all sectors of culture, education and economy. I know a number of small businesses in Spain which suffered the red tape and bureaucratic meddling in their businesses: several went bankrupt.

      • Your friends who started business were just terrible at business. In Spain it is easier than all of Europe to start and maintain business. This is why we have companies with the quality of Zara while the UK has nothing to compare.

        • Hahahahahah Zara – quality. You have been on the vino for too long. What idiocy you talk. I work for a company that has a shop in Spain and believe me trying to open the shop was horrendous as everyone wanted a slice. Hands had to be greased via our Spanish lawyers and once open the number of new regulations relating to employees and the business means an ever-increasing amount paid out before the first customer walks in the door. PS We are not talking a sweet shop here. We employ 60-70.

          • Blueman – You’ve said it well: “everyone wanted a slice”; “Hands had to be greased via our Spanish lawyers”. Only way to get the business up is to pay out.
            If new business start-ups are successful in Spain, its mostly because they are funded by wealthy families with party and civil service connections, or are controlled by silent investors who allow the original ‘entrepreneur’ to be the front.
            Rest assured that supply chains are negotiated before permits are given.

  2. He’s obviously seriously disturbed as well as bei ng a rpime example of the Spanish sickness – denial syndrome.

    My Russian friend who lives in Bilbao told me years ago that his daughter 10 years old at the time – fluent in Euskadi/castillano, very good in English and Russian (her mother is Euskadi) that “my daughter will never go to a Spanish university, they are lazy and the degrees are worth nothing. She will go to university in Russia, where you have to really work to get a good degree”.

    Many things to slag off about Red Fascist Russia but certainly not their education system. An English friend here is an IT man and he used to work for an American bank. He said that they had software writers in India, Singapore and Russia. He knew that the Indians were rubbish and everything they had to rewrite. The Singaporians were’nt bad but he knew that the Russians work would need no corrections at all, all their work was first class.

    Spanish universities are riven by – you’d never guess it – nepotism. It’s never how good or bad you are but who you know, now who would have thought it?

    • you are always quoting your “russian friend”, no?
      taking in account they are one of the most corrupt peoples in the world, at the level of south sudan and myanmar, only surpassed by libya, somalia and congo, i would not be so naive to give credit to his words.
      your “russian friend” should be deported for his own sake.

  3. The Russian education system turns out people that are literate, numerate and many speak better English than the English themselves. 25% of all school leavers in the UK cannot read or do even the most simple sums. Many Russians have set up successful companies in the west, in audio,computers,software etc.

    That Russian leaders are corrupt is beside the point and to mention Russian corruption after your last post is hilarious. I don’t have to give creedance to my friends words, he has published many superb pre-amp/amplifier designs and his technical qualifications are top class. I have heard his daughter playing Mozart and heard her language skills and what on earth are you on about with deportation. Maybe your just trapped in the past.

    He also has the complete pristine Beatles LP collection x 2 – John le Carre helped him to collect it – really – LOL

  4. As the whole world knows, British companies are a joke.
    Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, MG Rover are a sad example of that.
    Not to mention that forty five British companies are going bankrupt every day according to the Insolvency Service.
    And things will get a lot worse thanks to Brexit.

    Thanks a lot Farage, Johnson and Co.

  5. British companies are a joke because too many public schoolboys have control. It is public schoolboys who have prostituted themselves to the Chinese Red Fascists. One great invention after another has been squandered, sold off for the quick dollar. Far too much profit has been paid out in dividends instead of being re-invested. Just take a look at the dividends paid out in the UK and compare to Germany/Japan/USA. Boardrooms full of thick heavy drinking P/S/Boys. Look at that creep Green why is it not law that pension schemes have to be funded regularly and then they give him a knighthood when he’s a tax exile, like that other creep Branson. Was it the ordinary British people who wanted decades of immigration, no of course not it was the elite for reasons of greed, not neccessity – just few reasons why the UK has been going down the toilet for decades.

    Brexit may be the last chance to destroy the whole stupid irrational class system in the UK. Because the Nasty party know just how craven the ordinary Brit is. They will push and push, harder and harder. Even the most cretinous serf will turn one day – exciting times – Danton – citizens to arms

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