Tourists crowd Palma de Mallorca's Arenal beach on the Spanish Balearic island of MallorcaA RISE in sickness claims is leading hotels in Spain to consider banning Brits.

There has been a shocking rise in holidaymakers making fake claims of suffering from vomiting and diarrhea abroad.

A growing number of hotels in the Costa del Sol, Valencia, Costa Blanca and Benidorm have now warned they could be banned from staying there.

It could cost Spain up to €60 million.

Nuria Montes, from Spain’s hoteliers association HOSBEC, said:

“The number of claims has increased significantly since the start of this year, when the ‘claims farm’ started their campaign to attract British tourists coming through tour operators.

“This is not happening only in Spain, similar situations are being produced in other European destinations such as Greece and Cyprus, and also in the Caribbean.

“We estimate that during 2016 the number of claims may be around 10,000, reflecting a very significant increase compared to previous years.

“We have estimated that the economic impact on the Spanish hotel industry will be around €60million, in case the hotel industry has to bear the full cost.”

It will see the cost of holidays increase, leaving airlines and tour operators unimpressed.

Richard Conroy, founder of travel illness company, worries the fake cash-grabs will undermine legitimate investigations, where real holiday sickness can lead to long-term disease.

He said: “Fraudulent holiday sickness claims are on the rise — we turn down four or five cases we feel are bogus each week ourselves.

“The only thing this trend is going to do is push up the cost of holidays by roughly 10% while punishing those who have genuine grievances with tour operators.

“We estimate there are around 25,000 fraudulent claims for holiday sickness per year.

“Criminal charges need to be brought. Until that happens, we all suffer.”


  1. A quite ridiculous suggestion and as the article says, the problem is across the board. The answer is proper vetting of claims. The alternative is that Spain becomes a holiday destination that doesn’t want holidaymakers lol. More Brit-bashing nonsense that makes Spain look even more foolish. First we had the home rental nonsense, now this.

  2. is simply encouraging this trend. It is the equivalent of ambulance-chasing no-win no-fee law firms who have pumped up all our premiums with their “whiplash” schtick.
    Mr. Conroy should mop up his crocodile tears and find another earner.

  3. British Pirate Lawyers + British Pirate Tourists: Great combo.
    They should be in jail right now.
    In the meanwhile, the best is to ban Britons to enter the Spanish territory.
    You know, they are basically hooligans and drunkards, and many, common criminals, so you are not losing too much banning them.

  4. let me see, bunch of ignoramuses…
    it is not only me who have this opinion about british “tourists”.
    it is the whole world.
    including…the british.
    “Why are Britons so badly behaved abroad?
    A survey reveals European hoteliers think British tourists are the messiest, most drunken, most complaining of any foreign visitors”
    Barbara Gunnell: We are a disgrace and in such an ostentatious, couldn’t-give-a-toss way. It’s not just the drunkenness and flagrant disregard of decency in the main streets of Mediterranean resorts

    Mary Warnock: I suspect that the British, or at least the English, unless they were aristocrats on the Grand Tour, always behaved brutishly abroad

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