YOU’VE invested time, energy and money in developing great products and promoting them on your website.

But have you also invested in the data you’ve collected from your marketing campaigns to engage customers at every stage of the buying process?

Large corporations have significantly increased their focus on internet-sourced customer data to evolve their marketing strategy, harnessing the power of social media, blogging trends, electronic newsletters and content-specific advertising.

This allows them to interact with customers automatically, without manual intervention, saving time and money, shortening sales cycles, prioritising leads and optimising marketing campaigns.

Their campaigns focus on the individual, rather than blasting out generic notifications. Amazon has used this winning strategy for years.

And with today’s new Marketing Automation systems you don’t need to pay programmers or data miners to achieve the same results

  1.      Automated Personalised Email

Does your company send the same generic email to every customer?

Through automated tailoring of emails to clients, your company can provide the right information at critical decision points, creating a unique buying experience at the moment they are ready to purchase.

  1.       Lead Identification, Analysis and Filtering

Marketing Automation tools analyse the data your website receives and transform it into credible leads.

That information can be used to engage with customers based on their Internet habits, such as where they click and why.

These details can be fed into a list of top leads via a point-scoring system. When the lead reaches a ‘hot’ score, your sales team should strike.

  1.       Dynamic Web Content

Information about your website visitors can be automated to seamlessly transform landing pages based on their interests and attributes, allowing you to build dynamic web content with little need for programmers or developers.

  1.       Powerful Reporting Analytics

The analytics dashboard of Marketing Automation systems goes beyond Google Analytics to show end-to-end ROI of individual customer accounts, from first visit to final sale.

It can project the expected value and total lifetime of each customer so you can forecast future performance.

  1.       Automated Marketing Infrastructure

Effective, lead-generating digital marketing is now affordable for even the smallest businesses, allowing you to mine the best from your data to achieve competitive edge.

Why should your company use automated marketing

Saves time and staff resources

Optimises marketing processes

Increases qualified leads

Reduces sales cycles

Improves customer retention and builds relationships

Improve efficiency

Maintains consistency 

Improves accountability and demonstrates ROI

There are many automated marketing solutions available – Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot – but Malaga-based digital marketing consultancy ArayoWeb has launched a tool that competes with the best, at a much lower price, with no contract.

• For further details and a personal demonstration contact the experts at ArayoWeb

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