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Top 10 Olive Press best issues

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newspaper-pressTHERE are over 250 of them so it’s hard to choose but here are some of our best covers

Beaten up at the Alhambra, November 2007

Arriving 15 minutes for their slot at the Alhambra’s Nasrid Palace a group of British and German tourists were set upon by three baton-wielding guards who punched the late-comers to the ground

Disgrace! February 2009

With Greenpeace protest boats in the waters off the Cabo de Gata, the Olive Press backed the green groups calls for the Algarrobico to be torn down

Not Wanted, December 2008

After a tip off to the paper, the Olive Press tracked down and photographed Crimestoppers Most Wanted Daniel Johnston, sought for a string of violent robberies in the UK. Despite informing the authorities it amazingly took a month for them to pick him up

Armageddon, September 2012

The worst fires in Malaga’s history left the region a disaster zone, after 4,000 people were evacuated from their homes and 8,200 hectares of land was turned to ash

Who will cut out the cancer destroying Spain? February 2013

As disgraced politician Luis Barcenas dragged Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy into the country’s biggest corruption scandal the Olive Press joined the million petitions in saying enough is enough… Three years on and – somehow – the teflon PM remains in power

The man from Del Monte, April 2014

Hot on the heels of Costa conman Nigel Goldman, the Olive Press revealed how he was up to his old tricks under the guise of Howard del Monte

Putin house2Chateau Putin, January 2015

In the hills overlooking Marbella, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chateau at the luxury Zagaleta enclave fit with 22-car garage and a vineyard began to take shape, as revealed in the Olive Press

Yes you can! March 2015

In the run up to the first of a trio of general elections the Olive Press ventured to the capital to join in a Podemos march for change

Dejad que nos quedemos, July 2016

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, the Olive Press published its first-ever Spanish front page in an unprecedented move to appeal to Spaniards to join expats pleas for joint nationality in Spain

Gotcha! October 2016

Within hours of the National Crime Agency releasing its latest list of most wanted British fugitives, the Olive Press had tracked down, staked out and called in police to arrest suspect paedophile Matthew Sammon at his campervan in Torremolinos

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