Maura Hillen
Maura Hillen

EXPAT campaign groups have hit out at a court ruling after British buyers were told they would not be compensated for millions worth of investment lost in an illegal development.

This comes despite Zurgena (Almeria) planning boss Carlos Berbel being suspended from public office for three years for allowing 94 houses to be built on protected land.

However, a court ruled that no compensation should be given to the expat buyers who invested millions in deposits in homes at Los Cabreras resort, that were never built.

In total some €9 million has been lost as a result of Berbel’s permissions.
According to the judge, ‘Berbel’s crime does not correspond to any right to claim compensation’.

President of expat housing group AUAN Maura Hillen has slammed the ruling as ‘scandalous’.

“It is a complete scandal,” she told the Olive Press. “If the law allows good-faith buyers to lose €9 million in an urbanization deemed illegal, then the law is effectively saying that the victims are to blame.”

She added: “The rulings sends out a message that principles of responsibility have no place in public administration.

“It also sends out a message that Spain is a land of zero accountability and that buyers have no protection in Spain.”

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  1. And just where is the EU to put a stop to this blatant theft and discrimination – well Aunt Sally and Fred (if that really is his name) I’m sure you’ve got some b/s lined up to reply with.

    I take it that everyone knows about the EU legislation that says – it is a criminal offence to discriminate against other EU citizens. We shall be testing this EU law soon in an action for blatant discrimination by a letting agency and the landlord – IMO, it’s 4/1 on that no action will be taken – vamos a ver.

    • Stuart (if that is your name) perhaps the issue will be brought before the European Court? I’ve been telling people for years not to purchase in Spain, so you’ve not really added anything to this discussion and you already know my opinion on the matter, so there’s no need to start getting angry again.

      Of course the verdict is ridiculous, and very likely illegal too. When the UK eventually leaves the EU it will be carte blanche to do this, since EU law may no longer apply – a dream for Spanish developers. I am not a lawyer (take note Stuart lol) but EU anti-discrimination law protects everyone in the EU, however, it only covers discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation – see: “”. I thought you were a brickie, not a lawyer.

  2. I totally agree with the statement – it is scandalous and wouldn’t be acceptable elsewhere in Europe. Thieves should never be allowed to prosper.
    Dave Fisher
    Chiclana Foreign Residents Association

  3. Fred,
    I’ve asked this question before and you have lied when you have said that you have answered it – just what is your occupation. You slip slide around just like your ‘post graduate’ b/s. An honest persdon would have had no problem in answering would they?

    Also you are wrong on your interpretation of the EU anti-discrimination laws. We are being discriminated on because of our race, British and are being treated differently to those who are French. We already checked with the official consumer authority here in France.

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