sparklng-winnnneENGLISH sparkling wine has arrived in Spain after sales boomed to more than €115 million last year.


The country has joined nine others which began selling the now-recognised tipple in December.


The number of importing nations grew by a third in 2016, as chalky soils, south-facing slopes and warmer temperatures produced ideal conditions for British growers.


Producers have also secured contracts with some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Ritz in London, while the UK collected 120 medals at the International Wine Challenge, the International Wine and Spirit Competition and Decanter World Wine Awards.


English Wine Producers chairman Simon Robinson said: “It’s boom time for English wines.
“The growing trend on the high street shows the retailers have really got behind them and the wine consumers of Britain are responding.

“Our export sales are also on the up, with new markets opening up around the world.”


In addition to Spain, new markets for English sparkling wine in 2016 included Austria, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Italy, Ivory Coast, Taiwan and the UEA.



  1. English wines…
    In Spain???

    Maybe the author of this article should know that the best wines on earth are produced in Spain, France and Italy, where they have the soil, the weather, the knowledge and the tradition.
    England is exactly the opposite.

      • chas, like your one liner. Are you indicating that English wine goes well with all the famous gourmet English foods such as fish and chips, but I think you may find that a true Brit would prefer a “pint” of beer with his fish and chips. Hehe

    • Pablo, perhaps you should read the history of Spanish wine before you make such statements. Spain didn’t know wine existed until Spain was conquered by the Phoenicians around 1100 B.C., they planted what is considered the first grape vines in Cadiz and started the production of wine. When the Romans conquered Spain around 210 B.C. wine production expanded throughout the country and it became a main source of work and income for the people. The quality of the wine varied from region to region, but it can be said that the province of Tarragona and the Region of Andalucía produced and exported most of the best wine throughout the Roman empire. Most countries today produce good quality wines and area’s in Australia and America are known for the quality of wines such as wines from California.

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