Ismael Rodriguez
Ismael Rodriguez

A HUNTER in Spain has been charged with a double murder after shooting two forest rangers at point blank range.

Ismael Rodriguez, 28, shot at the guards after they asked him to show his hunting license.

He was arrested on Saturday after handing himself in in Aspa, near Lleida.

The father of a seven-year-old girl, David Iglesias, 39, and dad to a ten-year-old boy Xavier Ribes, 39, both died instantly at the scene.

Rodriguez had a weapons license but it did not cover the shotgun he was carrying.

Jordi Jane, Catalonia’s Interior Minister said: “He did have a valid type D permit but it was not the (Type E) one required for the 12-gauge shotgun he was carrying.”

The shooter has claimed he has ‘no memory’ of the murders and that the last thing he remembers is the two guards approaching him and asking him to empty his gun.

He claims to have no recollection of pointing it at his victims.

The shocking incident has reignited calls to review the country’s gun control laws.

“We need to establish stricter requirements to obtain the license of arms, and a much more careful control of the people who go out to hunt,” Spanish NGO Ecologistas en Accion said in a statement.

Tributes have been paid to the fallen park rangers with a minute’s silence at Catalonia’s Department of Agriculture.


  1. Never, ever confront ganadero-hunters without SEPRONA presence. That was the advice of a very senior politician with whom I spoke to about the intimidating behavior of local ganadero-hunters. He further said that pushing for compliance with that marginal stratum will likely cause a violent backlash. As incompetent political policies continue, the effects of ultra conservative politics will increase, which should make progressive people be more vigilant. For historical reasons, the majority population does not want to get involved, and is not organized to confront these people. That leaves progressive people isolated.

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