Cutting edge model Bimba Bose
Cutting edge model Bimba Bose

TRIBUTES have been made to a ‘rock n roll’ model who has lost her battle with cancer.

Famed Sotogrande resident Bimba Bose, 41, died in Madrid’s Hospital Ramón y Cajal, two years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Bose moved to the exclusive resort while receiving treatment with her doting partner and British model Charlie Centa, 24, who she described as a ‘fundamental piece of me.’

Pedro Almodovar is among the wave of celebrities who have paid their respects to the model, who was celebrated for her androgynous looks and working with out-there fashion designers such as John Galliano.

“She was very creative, very daring and a very good friend”, said Almodovar, who cast Bose in his latest Oscar-nominated flick, Julieta.

Spanish model Bimba Bose with her British boyfriend and model Charlie Centa
Spanish model Bimba Bose with her British boyfriend and model Charlie Centa

David Summers, the singer in famous 80s pop rock band Hombres G, said he had been ‘left devastated.’

“She was a sweetie and very charming”, he added.

Jordi Molla, a Spanish actor, described her as a ‘rock n roll person’ who was ‘very educated.’

Meanwhile, Malagueno actor Antonio Banderas took to Twitter to express his remorse, offering his ‘sincerest condolences and hugs’ to her family, which includes her two daughters Dora, 12 and June, 5.

She even received a tribute from  Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, the Spanish government’s minister of culture, education and sport, who referred to her as ‘a very important and outstanding’ woman who had a big hand in ‘developing the world of fashion, music and cinema.’

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