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Devolved administrations won’t play decisive roled in Brexit, says Theresa May

Theresa May e
Theresa May

THERESA MAY has confirmed that devolved administrations will not play a decisive role in Brexit before meeting with leaders from across the UK.

The prime minister said that they will ‘not agree on everything’ but that she hoped the meeting would be ‘constructive’.

MAY DAY: PM says UK government will be main Brexit negotiator
MAY DAY: PM says UK government will be main Brexit negotiator

“We will not agree on everything, but that doesn’t mean we will shy away from the necessary conversations and I hope we will have further constructive discussions,” May said.

“We have also had the Supreme Court judgment which made clear beyond doubt that relations with the EU are a matter for the UK Government and UK Parliament.

“We should not forget that that means MPs representing every community in the UK will be fully involved in the passage of Article 50 through Parliament.”

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. Welcome to the Maybot’s department of utter pointlessness, where the results of “meetings” are pre-ordained. Where the wishes of forty three million people are totally ignored or inquired about.
    Where Scotland and Northern Ireland are seen as completely irrelevant.
    Oh, Brave New World….

        • Stef, Wonder where the other 400.000 are hiding that voted to leave, plus what percentage of the sixty million that you mention did not vote. Just a thought.

        • So by that you presume that all those who did not vote would have voted remain. Personally I think it would be better to think that 50% of those who did not vote would have voted remain and 50% would have voted leave leaving the final result the same. Makes me laugh when people think that all that did not vote wanted to remain.

          • No presumption being made John. Point is, we simply don’t know. Of course many of those people couldn’t vote (too young). Many were prevented from voting (been away too long) and many (too many) didn’t have a clue what was going on, so went for a pint, had a fag and left it to other people to do the leg and brain-work.
            Over-sixteens ought to have had a vote (it’s their future) Out-of -date expats ought to have had a say (they are the big losers).
            Although Australia doesn’t have much to be proud of, their compulsory voting system has much to be said for it and should be adopted by all. As long as there is a box to tick that says “none of the above”
            There is a fine of a grand if the National Census is not complied with, so national votes could easily be given the same framework. Perhaps then, we would see a more realistic democracy.

    • Stefanjo, I agree with everything you have said. I think it is outrageous that British citizens who have lived in EU member states for over 15 years were denied a vote in the referendum, particularly as they will be directly affected by the outcome. This is not the same as a general election, it is something that will affect every British citizen for many years. The latest BBC stats on the voting demographics make very interesting reading.

  2. Ireland, Wales and most of all Scotland are insignificant…..they sponge off Britain so will be led by them….this is not rocket science for gods sake…!!!!

  3. Have you ever thought about extracting your head from it’s usual khaki place Jack. Scottish oil has kept the English afloat for decades most of it sold off at the ludicrous price of $10 pb. In 1971 when it was known just how big the oil fields were off the Scottish coast, the Scots should have declared UDI, gone to the Russians for wqeapons to protect themselves.

    This would have driven England’s masters the USA mental, pulingl the English public schoolboys from their rear end, where they usually reside, told to STFU.

    Scotland then still had world class industries which could easily have obtained credit for modernisation backed up by it’s huge oil reserves. All the oil rigs and platforms would have been constructed from Scottish steel and built in Scottish shipyards. All the expertise for deep sea drilling would have been developed by Scots, thereby ensuring a steady stream of work for the Scottish experts across the world.

    Scotland could easily have financed enabled the world class Northern Irish shipyards to compete with the rest of the world instead of being wilfully denied finance by Thatcher. The French did just this and still produce cruise liners on a regular basis.

    The English pound would have become worthless and probably the public schoolboys who have total control of the armed forces would have launched a puch and taken control of England. The condition of the English working class would have become what it already is on the way to – a return to serfdom.

  4. I wonder what all the remainders will do when the EU does go kaput, nothing to fight over for a start except a plea to Rajoy stay in Spain. My God, to think people fought and died so that they could stick the knife into the country of their birth. Think it would come under the name of being traitors. Perhaps this may help your mentality and please explain you love of the EU besides a bit of sunshine living in Spain.
    “CHIEF Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has conceded that the EU could be on the brink of complete disintegration as a result of Brexit”.

  5. Carlos, your post is a new low for you, and that’s saying something. What right do you have to tell people where they can live? Answer: none. It’s easy to see your mentality – bitterness, jealousy, and a hatred for your fellow man. One wonders what happened to you to suffer from such hatred.

    • Fred, it was a windup and surprised you fell for it. I shall answer to just one point you made, your quote:- “What right do you have to tell people where they can live? Answer: none”. Yes Fred, you are correct and that also applies to you or persons wishing to live in Spain or anywhere. Quote from an Intellectual, not a Intellect, two different meaning as you well know, or should know. “God has not given the right for a person to decide where he or she wishes to live”. Unquote.
      As for you other comments, childish, can’t be bothered to reply to such rubbish, Don’t hate anyone just stating facts. Love Europe, spend holidays in Spain and Italy, have friends in both country’s but remember we leavers shall be fighting your corner to stay in Spain, even “Donald” is on your side, can’t be that bad and I also agree to his kaput to the TTIP. My God, even the democrat Clinton was against the TTIP. lol.

    • Fred, you must know that Brexit stopped being about Brexit a long time ago. It has legitimised hatred that has been building up for a long time among a particular group of people who are unhappy about ‘x’ but voted against ‘y’ in protest. One look at any comments section of the UK press tells you all you need to know – pent up hatred, bitterness, jealousy and Brits living in Spain are at the sharp end of that hatred. In a very short space of time, we seem to have gone from the Leave camp telling everyone that EU citizens in the UK and Brits in the EU were ‘safe’ (remember the liar Gove during the TV referendum debate) in the event of Brexit to ‘what makes you think you can live in another country’. So the Brexiteers are bad winners and still unhappy and shouting but at least we know their real agenda.

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