karen-matthewsBRITAIN’S ‘most-hated mum’ is fleeing to Spain.

Karen Matthews, 41, is said to be fearing for her life following a backlash as a result of the recent BBC drama The Moorside.

The two-part series, starring Sheridan Smith, documented how Matthews staged her daughter Shannon’s kidnapping with the aim of collecting a €60,000 reward.

It comes after the mother-of-seven, who was jailed for eight years in 2009, had a pot of steaming mushy peas dumped on her head as she left a fish and chips shop last week.

Sources close to Matthews say she has now applied for a passport and is interested in taking a cleaning job on the Costa Blanca.

The source told the Daily Star: “She knows she can never avoid her past. With this programme on the telly she’s realised living abroad might be a better option for her.”

Matthews, from Dewsbury, allowed Yorkshire police to launch their biggest ever manhunt, costing almost €5 million, all the while knowing her daughter was safe and sound just a couple of miles away in her uncle Michael Donovan’s flat.

Her distressed friends organised search parties for almost a month.

She became known as Britain’s most-hated mum when her plot was unraveled by friends and police.

Although she was sentenced for eight years, she only served four.

Donovan, 48, was also sentenced for eight years but got released a few weeks before Matthews.



  1. As I have wisely said many, many times, British immigration to Spain or to any other country should be banned.
    Or at least controlled in the most radical way.
    The British “authorities” (lol) have demonstrated several times that they are useless to detain their own delinquents in their own territory.

  2. She is not the first and will not be the last. Ok she committed a criminal act and has served her sentence, not in full but someone let her out. So how about giving her a chance to make a new life before you all start throwing stones! Nuff said!

  3. Hey tonto, tell us all about the Naval School in Buenos Aires, just how many torturers and murderers worked there. Come to that just how many young people were murdered by your friends in Argentina by the police and army – thousands and thousands of murderers were’nt there and they all got away free and clear, why were’nt they all executed in public?

    • But dear stuart….
      It seems you didn’t understand anything again…and counting.
      Not a surprise with your negative IQ.
      Of course we had / have a lot of delinquents, politicians, military, you name the rest.
      The difference is that most of them have been jailed or are being prosecuted.
      But the most important thing is that we do not export delinquents, drunkards and hooligans like Britain.
      Bet you are one of those british jewels…lol

  4. Hmm, so a few UK delinquents are worse than Argentinian war criminals, corrupt politicians and the military, where crime is totally out of control and at “critical” levels. You live in one of the most dangerous places in the world. Come on Pablo, you must try much harder than that to make a coherent argument. Get that chip of your shoulder.

  5. Perhaps we should start a crusade against Argentina seeing as one of their bad apples keeps harping on about Britain. Pablo, you lost the war regarding the Falklands, get over it, vent your feelings on your own government for protecting Nazi criminals. May I also suggest that you to scan the British news outlets, as you appear to be so interested in British news regarding how many hundreds if not thousands of Illegal Argies being given the boot from Britain.

  6. I think we should lay off Pablo.
    Obviously he is a closet Anglophile as he has taken the time and trouble to learn English so well. Once he must have loved the language, and the culture that goes with it, so perhaps rather than giving him a hard time we should give him the chance to come out from the corner he’s painted himself into like a spurned lover, show his true colours and allow him to embace his adoration of all things British.

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