EXPATS in Spain have the fourth-best quality of life in the world.

A new survey from Expat Insider puts Spain in the top five of 191 countries, after Taiwan, Austria and Japan.

The survey was based on a number of questions relating to health and wellbeing, personal happiness, leisure, transport, safety and security.

Spain ranked 10th in the subcategory of health and wellbeing.

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey, one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

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  1. Not a surprise.
    Most of all when you compare it with the quality of life in the UK.
    Britain has it all: Polluted cities, rivers and beaches, hooliganism, alcoholism, the worst weather, massive riots and even worse the ugliest women on earth.
    Germany is not any better in that aspect, uh?

  2. Quality of life is a complex thing. In Spain, there are no jobs, and there is no hope for young people. Unemployment is high, with the levels amongst the highest in Europe. Where is the “quality of life” if you cannot even support your family, or even afford to create a family? The Spanish are very obedient, they take orders, and in most cases they do what officials tell them.

    As for pollution, well Spain has terrible air quality, so much so that the EU has just given Spain their last warning about this, and just last summer the EU also gave Spain a warning about its massive land-fill problem. And we we not forget about Spain’s massive sewage problems, especially on the Costa del Sol, where large sections of the coast don’t even have proper sewage plants (or no sewage plants at all). Spain is not free of these problems by a long shot. Back in 2010 a survey by the European Commission (EC) found that Spain is among the worst European countries for the abuse of alcohol, with only Ireland, Romania, Germany and Austria having a worse record.

    As for ugly women, well once again it’s a relative and subjective subject. You are correct about the weather, but what can people do about that? Pablo, you really must lose that chip on your shoulder – you are one angry person. It will ultimately be your downfall.

  3. Hi Wolfgang,

    The survey was about expats living in Spain & liking it there. If the expats from Syria, Eritrea & Afghanistan prefer life in Germany so be it. If they are not living in Spain then the survey was not about them or Germany. By the way what position was Germany ranked?

  4. Well I suppose how would one class the quality of life. If one is happy and contented where ever they live then to them they have found the place they wish to live. There is also a difference between the rich and the poor and regardless how well a country is run with has first class services, various varieties of foods available and good weather, to the poor who are unable to enjoy such items then the quality of life does not exists. One must also compare that to the wealthy who are also living under the same conditions. I suppose the owners of El Corte Ingles or Zara may have a different point of view. Just a thought

  5. It’s a strange survey to have really. At the end of the day, the type of expat/immigrant that comes from the UK for example to Spain, has made a choice to make this move, its unlikely to be forced upon them, so I would expect the results to be positive for Spain. Spain/Costas is not for everyone, and there are a multitude of issues, like in every country, but us “Expats”, tend to overlook the bad, enjoy the good, and if we don’t like, we have probably left before we were surveyed.

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