paul-monk-cocaine-drugsA DRUG lord who imported cocaine to the UK for two decades has been jailed for 18 years.

Paul Monk, 56, was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Wednesday after admitting his role in supplying Class A drugs in 2014 and 2015.

He was arrested in Alicante after Spanish authorities found evidence of his illegal operations resulting in a €35m drug empire.

A fake passport and imitation gun was allegedly found during the search.

He fled to Spain in 2013 to escape justice, despite having been charged for importing cannabis in 2007 and used fake identities while he continued supplying drugs from Spain.





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  1. Another bitter comment from the disgruntled Argentine …study your history properly and try not to embarrass yourself in future.
    Look for a new hobby Pablo as trolling rubbish daily only makes you look sad and foolish…. you have a chance to be respected again now with Marci at the helm so run with it as you can’t keep passing the blame gor your past mistakes.

  2. All I hear is James crying about the truth- the UK’s main exports to Spain are criminals, arrogance, and raciscm. You guys need to wake up- all this defensiveness and “change the topic” games brits here play, face facts Brits- your main export to spain is drunk violent teens, dodgy buisnessmen and drug lords.

    • You guys … does that mean we are all the same …I was writing the above in reference to Pablos xenophobia which it seems you share .

      I am not afraid to admit that I can be embarrassed about certain Brits and their antics as you must be by the bad apples from your country … there are lots of positives but you seem unwilling or to narrow minded to see past your own shortcomings.

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