VILE: ISIS soldiers

SPANISH and Moroccan authorities have broken up an alleged extremist cell in Morocco.

The six-member group, all of which were arrested, was actively training and planning to conduct violent attacks.

The details of their plots have not been released.

Five of the arrested are Moroccan and one is a Spaniard of Moroccan origin, according to Spain’s Interior Ministry.

The alleged leader of the cell, a 39 year-old Moroccan, lived in Melilla, Spain’s territory bordering Morocco, but was arrested while visiting the neighbouring country.

He is believed to have recruited youngsters at a reeducation center where he worked and used Islamic State group propaganda to train them.

Violent attacks in August claimed by ISIS killed 16 people in and near Barcelona.

Since mid-2015, Spain has arrested 199 people accused of links to extremism.

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