DEMANDING ANSWERS: Sevilla resident Juana

A SEVILLA woman has been living a ‘nightmare’ after her town listed her as being dead SEVEN years ago.

The confusion resulted from authorities mixing up her fate with a woman with the exact same name and date of birth who died in May 2010.

Juana Lezcano has now pleaded with a judge in Malaga to get a grave exhumed to prove she isn’t dead.

The woman lies buried in the San Gabriel cemetery in Malaga and Lezcano believes by digging up the grave she can prove to the authorities once and for all they have mixed up the two women.

Even her social security files state that she is no longer alive.

“What I want is for them to tell me who is buried in that tomb and all the information that they have because I don’t know anything and I imagine there will be medical records on her or something like that.”

The cemetery is currently under order not to discuss the strange case.


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