THE UK has been hit with an eerie yellow sky and blood red sun today.

People from the South of England to the North of Scotland have been asking why the sky has changed colour and the sun is blood red.


Scientists explained that it is caused by dust sucked up from the Sahara desert being blown north across Britain, while ash from the huge forest fires in Portugal and Spain has also been blown into the atmosphere.

Airplanes have reported a smell of burning in the cabin, which reinforces this theory.

According to the experts, the fine particles scatter light of blue wavelengths more than red, giving a dusky appearance to the sky.

Grahame Madge of the met Office said: “It’s a very similar effect to what you get at sunset.


“There’s more red light coming through and blue light gets scattered leaving more of the red light to come through so that’s whats causing the effect.

“It’s certainly spectacular at the moment and quite a talking point. We’ve had a lot of calls about it.”

Meteorologists said the extremely strong storm has sucked warm air from the South of Europe, and a lack of rain meant the dust was not washed out.

Forecaster Madge added: “It’s all connected with Ophelia.


“On the eastern side of the low pressure system air is coming up in the southerly direction.

“Air is being pulled from southern Europe and Africa and that air contains a lot of dust.

“So it’s most likely the appearance of sunset at midday is caused by the particles scattering the light and giving the appearance of a red sun.”

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