27 Oct, 2017 @ 10:50
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EXCLUSIVE: Costa del Sol removal company accused of leaving expats hundreds of euros out of pocket

Clinton Summerfield with business partner John Ferrer
Clinton Summerfield with business partner John Ferrer
Clinton Summerfield with business partner John Ferrer

A GROUP of expats have slammed a Costa del Sol removal company and its boss for allegedly failing to deliver goods which they had paid for.

Brits claim they have been left thousands out of pocket after the firm run by Clinton Summerfield, 35, failed to deliver items or they arrived in a damaged state.

Louise Suarez, from Santa Margarita, 37 paid his delivery company to collect shoe racks and a dishwasher for her from the IKEA store in Jerez in June.

But she claims Summerfield only turned up with the shoe racks, saying he would he would have to pick up the dishwasher a fortnight later.

But the dishwasher never turned up and Ms Suarez says she is still €300 out of pocket.

“I have tried making contact with him many times and I have been blocked on the phone, email and also on social media,” she told the Olive Press.

At least 20 expats have now taken to a local Facebook page insisting they paid cash up front for items to be delivered which either never turned up, or arrived damaged.

Many alleged on Manilva Coffee Chat that Summerfield, whose father is Gibraltarian, kept their money before blocking them from contacting him.

James Fairgrieve transferred Summerfield £270 for an IKEA delivery which also never arrived. When Fairgrieve raised the issue Summerfield claimed he had never received the money.

“I have 100% banking evidence from the Gibraltar Bank that they received the money and it has never been returned,” Fairgrieve wrote.

“Call after phone call was met with lies and diversions.

“I got plenty of abuse and cheek from whoever was on the end of the messages,” he said.


This week, one Duquesa businesswoman, who asked not to be named, told the Olive Press that Summerfield took an €80 payment for an airport run to Malaga for her friends who had come to visit from the UK.

Summerfield’s driver never turned up and again she claims he blocked her on the phone and on social media when she attempted to get her cash back.

“It was a huge disappointment,” she said.

“My friends do not have money to go on holiday, they have a young daughter who is disabled and all their money goes on supporting her.

“They ended up having to pay €120 for a last minute taxi to the airport on top of the €80. It’s money they simply cannot afford.”

Meanwhile, a British businessman claims that he is owed money over the rental of a flat to Summerfield in Manilva.

Ed Digwood, based in Oxford, claims Summerfield owes a month’s rent, plus at least €3,000 in damages.

He said Summerfield claimed problems with his bank over paying the €450 rent due on September 1. He stopped replying to emails and has since moved.

Digwood grew suspicious when he found himself blocked on all social media and Summerfield had stopped replying to his emails.

He claims the property in Duquesa has been ‘completely trashed’.

“The flat was absolutely filthy and Clinton had broken a lot of furniture, the sofa, the coffee table and bed,” Digwood told the Olive Press. “I am very angry.”

Summerfield was unable to comment in time for press.

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