AMERICAN late-night host Stephen Colbert has mocked Catalunya’s independence crises following the arrest of eight cabinet ministers.

The segment titled ‘Spain’t Misbehaving’ took a satirical swipe at recent events on Colbert’s The Late Show.

“Nothing says democracy like jailing everyone the people elected,” he quipped.

Going on to say Catalunya is ‘kind of like Florida but without the shirtless guys going through the drive-through while on fire,’ he continued, adding that ‘being under Spanish rule has chafed Catalans like spangly pants on a sweaty matador’.

In an odd tangent, Colbert describes how Christopher Columbus gave the gift of smallpox to the New World before outlining Catalunya’s rise as an economic powerhouse.

He also insulted the royal name of Felipe saying ‘Not only is Spain overtaxing them but hogging all the Felipe’s’.

Towards the end of the segment, he offers Catalonians two tickets to the broadway Hamilton play, story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton before throwing them on the ground.  

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  1. Sums it up well: “Nothing says democracy like jailing everyone the people elected”. Clearly, there could have been dialogue. But Spain is a land of ideological extremes where it is presumed a ‘right’ for the ‘winner’ to take all.

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