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Gifts from the depth: historic treasure found off Mallorca’s coast

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Christmas might be associated with gold, frankincense and myrrh, but a different kind of treasure has been found in the waters off Mallorca.

Divers collected the anchor from an undisclosed area around Mallorca

Discovered in separate locations, two hauls of Roman antiquities were retrieved from the bottom of the sea by police divers early this month.

Among the booty recovered by the Guardia Civil’s underwater team (GEAS) was an anchor from a Roman galleon, believed to have sunk in the Marina de Llevant nature reserve around 100AD.

The anchor and the rest of the loot, which included a pottery jar dating back from the third century BC, could be worth millions. Consell de Mallorca’s department of heritage which authorised the recovery, will now decide how best to display it.

Speaking to the Olive Press, a Guardia Civil spokesman said: “Many ancient cultures sailed through these magnificent waters and as such they hold some great treasures. This is not the first time we have found items of such archaeological importance.”

“It is very likely that there are still some gems out there just waiting to be discovered.”

SIEZED: 42 historic items including Roman pots

In tandem to recovering treasure underwater, the Guardia Civil has also been busy retrieving some that had already made it to land. Operation Garum, saw teams swoop in on a number of homes belonging to a trio of local divers, finding 42 items. The three men have been accused of stealing treasure rightfully belonging to the country, by trawling the sea bed with fishing nets.

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