SEASON two of The Grand Tour has begun with petrolheads James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson talking about Mallorca’s beauty and their adventures on the island this year.

James May races in Mallorca’s classic car rally with Madison Welch

The former Top Gear hosts filmed in Mallorca numerous time over the years, most recently earlier this year.

All three hosts also ended up in the hospital at some point over the filming of this season, Clarkson with a near death scare in Mallorca.

“You somehow managed to catch pneumonia on the sun kissed island of Mallorca,” commented Hammond in the series premiere on Clarkson’s five week stay in Mallorca. In the upcoming episode four, May races a KIA Stinger GT up a hill in Mallorca as an extreme roller-skater races down the hill.

Originally Hammond was going to do the race in Mallorca, but after he badly crashed an electric Rimac in the Swiss Alps May had to take over. Back in 2009, May raced in Mallorca’s fifth Classic Car Rally in a 1970 Citroen Ami 8 with glamour model Madison Welch. Hammond and Clarkson also raced in the rally and aired the comedic ordeal on their former show Top Gear.

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