IN what is another blunder for Mijas town hall, the PP is demanding to know why the town hall is facing a fine for not paying on time.

Back in August the town hall failed to pay social security for its staff and is now facing a fine of 190,000, which ONLY came to public attention in December.

Residents are furious and have taken to social media to express their regret over mismanagement and disorganisation of the current PSOE ruling party.

The Social Security Administration noticed the payments were received several days late, something the town hall say was just an ‘administrative failure’ after taking over the finance department last year.

But in a previous interview with Diario Sur in 2015 Maldonado admitted that they lack people with the financial know-how to carry out these payments.

“We have to manage our economics well but the PSOE lacks the right people to respond to these issues,” he said.

The PP is calling on ex-socialist town hall leader Juan Maldonado to find the person responsible and a formal investigation to be carried out.

Two months ago the Olive Press reported that Mijas town hall had not spent 64 million of public money and this month officials failed to put up lights in the run-up to Christmas.

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