TENNIS models are the subject of a sexual harassment case being brought to the attention of the Catalan government.

Beverage company Schweppes and Spanish modelling agency Toté Vignau, are facing fines of €25,000 after The General Union of Workers (UGT) accused the companies of failing to provide health safeguards.

The eight young models contracted as hostesses by Toté Vignau wore the skimpy outfits for hours in cold, rainy conditions during the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell tennis tournament in May 2017.

The UGT claim the skimpy outfits constitute sexual discrimination and have filed suit against the companies with the Catalan government’s labour inspectorate.

“We had to walk around with a short dress for hours,” one hostess told the press, who could only wear warm clothing on her break.

Another hostess said they were not allowed jackets because it covered the branding.

“We are girls, girls in mini skirts and showing meat, the fact is that we could not wear the jacket because the brand could not be seen.

“The dress had to be seen, even if that meant our teeth clattering from the cold,” she said.

The labour inspectorate announced it ‘has decided to send a very serious infraction notice to the companies Schweppes and Toté Vignau for sexual discrimination in the workplace’.

The Real Club de Tenis De Barcelona, where the tournament was held say they did not know about the working conditions of the hostesses.

Both companies are free to appeal the decision but only the region’s employment ministry has the power to enforce fines.

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