Car driven by the so-called ‘hitman’

TWO Spanish policemen have been injured after their car was purposefully smashed into to intercept a high-speed chase. 

The Guardia Civil agents were chasing a car allegedly filled with drugs in La Linea de la Concepcion when a ‘hitman’ rammed into their car.

The police body said it was ‘like a scene from Narcos’, the hit Netflix series chronicling the life of notorious drug baron Pablo Escobar.

“A car driven by a hitman drove head on into the police car,” it added.

The suspected vehicle was able to get away while the ‘hitman’ was arrested.

It came within 24 hours of when 20 masked men successfully stormed a La Linea hospital to rescue their ‘drug boss’ from the hands of the police.

Police said the two events show that ‘the drug lords continue to make the Gibraltar campo their lawless city.’

“The Ministry of the Interior are doing nothing to solve the root problem, only patching the situation to comply with public opinion,” the Guardia Civil added.

It added that it has been ‘denouncing the situation of abandonment of the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional in the fight against dangerous criminals who do not mind putting their lives in danger and that of the agents if they manage to save their drug load.’

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