SEASONED conwoman Paula Neale has officially set up shop in France.

Using one of her several aliases – Paula Kari – she is now offering ‘bouncy blow dries and eyebrow tidying’ in Perpignan.

It comes just a fortnight after she crossed the border from Spain, with police in hot pursuit, following an ongoing Olive Press probe.

The mother-of-two, who is accused of taking rental deposits from dozens of victims in Spain over a number of years, had fled to Catalunya following our investigation.

Now wanted by Malaga police, Neale, who uses various aliases, has set up shop, claiming to be a hairdresser.

In an advert on Facebook she offers to visit expats’ homes to blow dry their hair for an ‘ideal night out, a special occasion, or just to save yourself the effort.

An Olive Press reader, who saw the ad, Jacqui Field, told the Olive Press: “I’m just another of this woman’s victims whom she scammed last year when she sublet my house in the UK.

SEARCH: For Paula Neale

“I would assume this is just a way to get into some expat homes in France and see how she can scam them!”

Mother-of-three Neale, 43, took rental deposits for properties she didn’t own in Spain and allegedly ransacked properties she had rented before selling the stolen goods online.

She perfected her craft for years, knowing that holidaymakers would more often than not give up and go home rather than stay and file a denuncia.
Despite four stories and at least eight denuncias against her, she has yet to be picked up by police.

Meanwhile she has set up a new account on Tinder, discovered by the Olive Press.

In the racy profile pic she describes herself as 44 and ‘Not your typical English woman abroad’.

That is certainly true.


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