IF there was ever a heart-warming show to watch on Spanish TV it’s La Voz Kids (The Voice Kids).

Unlike other Spanish versions of British shows – I’m looking at you Spain’s Got Talent – it’s actually incredibly good viewing.

Last night’s episode saw coach Antonio Orozco – a Spanish singer famous in the Latin world – complete his team of four to take to the semi finals.

There they will compete against the team of Spanish music icon Rosario Flores and Spanish singing sensation and song writer Melendi.

The kids boast all kinds of singing styles, from flamenco to pop and opera.

Below, we have rounded up the kids from Andalucia representing their region in next week’s semi-final.

See how they got this far with a look back at their first auditions.

Samuel from Cadiz, team Antonio Orozco:

Samuel de La Voz Kids 2018 canta por Camarón "Nana del caballo grande"

Samuel de La Voz Kids 2018 canta por Camarón "Nana del caballo grande".Pásate por nuestro canal de YouTube y suscríbete para enterarte de todas las novedades! ?? https://www.youtube.com/FlamencoyBuleriaHD

Geplaatst door Flamenco y Bulería op maandag 19 februari 2018

Samuel wowed the judges with his flamenco rendition of Nana del caballo grande. The 12-year-old managed to get all three judges to hit their buzzer and turn around.

Javier from Sevilla, team Melendi:

#Video Javier concursante de La Voz Kids en España cantando El Beso de @pabloalboran

Geplaatst door Legión Alboranista México op zaterdag 3 maart 2018

Antonio Orozco turned around within seconds after hearing Javier’s surprisingly mature voice. Rosario and Melendi couldn’t help but follow suit after they were blown away by the 14-year-old’s version of El beso.

Flori from Huelva, team Antonio Orozco:

It was another triple turn around for Huelva teen Flori, 14, who captivated the audience with her cover of Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold.

Ramon Campos from Sevilla, team Rosario:

Me declaro admirador de este pedazo de artista tan joven y como puede llegar a transmitir su nombre es Ramon Campos concursante de La Voz Kids 2018. Familia vamos a darle todos nuestro apoyo para que llegue a cumplir su sueño como artista joven y pueda triunfar en lo a él le agrada su cante y tener afición !!! Ole tu primo pronto estaremos contigo liándola!!! #GanadordeLAVOZKIDS2018??

Geplaatst door Vicente De Castro Junior op woensdag 28 februari 2018

The coaches were so impressed by 13-year-old Ramon they asked him to sing another tune in acapella.

Catch the big semi final of The Voice Kids on Monday May 7 at 10pm on Telecinco.

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