ROYALTY: Spain’s king and queen are briefed

SPAIN’S King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia dropped in to Mallorca yesterday to console those who have lost everything in the floods.

The monarchy were pictured in the advanced remote control unit, where operations are headed, but they also spoke to flood victims who had lost loved ones and suffered property damage.

Tennis star Rafael Nadal and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez were among other famous faces to show their support to the people of Mallorca.

As the royals leave, the search and rescue mission for the missing five-year-old boy continues, who may be the last potential survivor of Tuesday’s natural disaster.

At least 12 people have been confirmed dead in the floods which began on Tuesday, including a British couple, Antony Green, 77, and his wife Delia, 75, who drowned in a taxi.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Spain’s Civil Guard are looking for cars that were washed out to sea as far as seven miles, as fears remain that there may be more fatalities.

There are 750 emergency units currently involved in operations, including 200 military troops, as well as 1,300 civilian volunteers.

Tuesday’s floods began as 250mm of rain poured down in around 5 hours.


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