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GOING GREEN: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias sparks controversial cannabis debate in Spain

Spain cannabis
LEGALISE IT: Pablo Iglesias calls for change
Could Spain be a step closer to legalising cannabis?

PODEMOS leader Pablo Iglesias has reignited the drugs debate in Spain by advocating that the country legalises cannabis.

On Thursday the party, who are in coalition with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE government, organised a congressional forum on marijuana legalisation.

Current Spanish law allows people to use and possess the drug in private spaces only, but the Podemos proposals would see the sale and cultivation of cannabis become legal.

IGLESIAS: Holds forum on cannabis legalisation

The Podemos’ plan would see the state be responsible for granting licenses to those who want to plant, harvest and sell the drug and Iglesias says their proposal includes a ‘strong punitive policy for those who break the law.’

Iglesias said: “It’s absurd that you can buy tequila or gin from a supermarket but marijuana is illegal.”

Despite the left-wing political scientist’s enthusiasm Spain’s leader Sanchez remains unmoved on the debate.

UNMOVED: Sanchez refuses to engage in dope debate

When asked about possible legalisation on a recent visit to Canada, Spain’s leader said: “I’m focused on what I’m doing now, I have enough problems as it is.”

The list of countries going green is growing, the latest being Canada who legalised weed on Wednesday this week.

Across the border from Spain in Portugal, all drugs have been legal since 2001, where drug-related court cases, violent crime and overdoses plummeted following the law changes.

Spain’s centre-right Ciudadanos party put forward a draft bill to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes but it was blocked by Sanchez’s PSOE party and the conservative Popular Party (PP).

The Ciudadanos said: “Aiming to legalize marijuana without a legal framework or a serene debate is to enter a legal black hole, and to put the cart before the horse.”

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