THIS morning a man defaced fascist dictator General Franco’s grave at the Valley of the Fallen in Madrid.

A video of the protest shows the artist Enrique Terneiro daubing the grave of Spain’s former dictator in red paint just before 11am today.

The Guardia Civil arrested the Galician artist and are investigating him for a crime of damages.

As the 49-year-old artist from Coruña was being dragged away by security he was heard shouting ‘For the reconciliation of all the Spaniards!’

SEEING RED: The protest was sparked by anger over Franco’s body being buried in tomb at the Valley of the Fallen

Terneiro’s act was filmed by fellow activist Pedro Armestre, who claimed the paint was supposed to represent a ‘dove of peace’ on the grave of Francisco Franco.

Armestre said: “I do not intend to harm the family or its followers, what I want is a space of freedom.”

The protest was sparked by growing tension surrounding the planned exhumation of the remains of General Franco from the Valley of the Fallen by Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist (PSOE) government.

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