Stormy Tenerife Sea

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Geplaatst door Tenerife Forum op Zondag 18 november 2018

THIS is the moment huge waves in the Canary Islands destroyed the balconies of an apartment block. 

The enormous waves off the north coast of Tenerife smashed into the building, tearing off terraces and breaking windows.

Some 39 people were evacuated from their homes but nobody was injured.

The sea has also battered the southern coast of the island according to Huffpost Spain, where the windows of a hotel restaurant were reportedly broken while several people were eating.

It comes after the Costa del Sol was also battered by fierce winds and rain over the weekend.

Aviso naranja #Estepona #CostadelSol, imágenes de esta mañana en la plazoleta Ortiz (Vía: Facebook ? ?)

Geplaatst door Protección Civil Estepona op Zondag 18 november 2018

Buildings were damaged after being struck by lightning while a hotel in Marbella was set on fire by a bolt.

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