UNICORN: Gik fans can sink the pink, with the new beverage apparently made from tears of the mythical creature

THE Spanish winery made famous for their blue wine has done it again with a new sparkling rosé called ‘Unicorn Tears’.

Gik is the Basque-based drinks company behind this fabulous bottle of fizz and claim to have made the ‘pinkest rose that has ever been created’.

Rebranding as ‘Gik Live!’ for this release, the firm say their new creation is tears from an ‘actual unicorn’.

SPARKLE: A millennial sips Gik’s ‘sweet’ wine

Gik, who employ chemical engineers to achieve the drink’s bright colours, say their millennial beverage tastes of candy, while its sparkle comes from natural mineral pigments.

Bottles of the 12% volume bubbly are available in threes and upwards, with a triple pack retailing for €39 on the company’s website.

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