UNA COBRA ESCUPIDORA DE CUELLO NEGRO LLEGA A ALGECIRAS (Cádiz) EN UN BUQUE MERCANTE PROCEDENTE DE AFRICA.La serpiente de metro y medio de largo obligó a cerrar parte del puerto hasta que el Seprona pudo rescatarla y llevarla a las dependencias del Zoo de Castellar de la Frontera. Fue descubierta por uno de los estibadores cuando paseaba por una de las terminales de mercancías del puerto de Algeciras.https://bit.ly/2MddgiDMundo Animal.EL PAIS.-

Geplaatst door Marcelo L. S. Von Ryding op Woensdag 16 januari 2019

BEAST: Serpent surprises workers at port in southern Spain (VIDEO: El Pais)

THIS is the moment a huge black cobra was filmed spitting at workers in southern Spain. 

The clip shows the serpent baring its fangs at employees in Algeciras port.

“Listen! It’s slowly coming this way!” warns one docker.

“Leave the light on, it’s becoming hypnotized,” suggests another worker.

Port authorities were forced to shut down part of a container yard on Tuesday night after the slippery fiend was reported.

Officers from Seprona luckily managed to quickly capture the snake on Wednesday morning.

The snake is most likely a black-necked spitting cobra (Naja nigricollis).

Native to central Africa, the snake is highly aggressive and has a venomous bite, although the mortality rate from a bite is low (5-10%).

However symptoms include severe external hemorrhaging and tissue necrosis around the bite area and difficulty breathing

The snake which appeared in Algeciras is believed to have come from a shipment from Africa.

The specimen measures between one-and-a-half and two meters, and has already been taken to the zoo in Castellar.

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