‘DEMEANING’: The toiletries left by British holidaymaker

A BRITISH holidaymaker has been branded ‘demeaning’ after tipping cleaning staff with half-used toiletries following a Benidorm holiday.

Louise Wagstaff published pictures of her ‘gifts’ on social media, which included a pair of unwanted sunglasses, baby oil, Radox shower gel, Alberto Balsam shampoo, body spray and a mesh shower pouf.

Thoughtfully penning a note in Spanish, she thanked the cleaners for their hard work and offered toys and sweets in case ‘they have little ones’.

But the post led to a backlash of condemnation as almost 200 people commented on the post on Benidorm Seriously until admin had to shut the debate down.

One person said: “I’m thinking the cleaners would appreciate some €€€€ as a tip rather than the leftover toiletries, I find it rather demeaning, would anyone leave the cleaners in the UK hotels left over shampoo as a tip for cleaning?”

Ian said of the leftovers: “The staff work hard for very poor wages. Instead of insulting them with all the crap you would throw away anyway do the decent thing and leave a decent cash tip (at least 1 Euro per day).

“You spend thousands on your Benidorm holiday but you can’t afford to leave a decent tip?

THANK YOU: Louise also left fizzy drinks, alcohol and an opened-packet of mini cakes to cleaning staff

The admin, Tracy, however rushed to Louise’ defence, writing: “Unbelievable someone does something nice for a change and get abuse for it.

“Post Closed, please respect your fellow members, everyone is entitled to a difference of opinion, but please think about how that opinion comes across in the written word, read it back to yourself before pressing ok x.

“This topic has now been discussed and no others will be permitted on the group at this time x”

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