MERCY: Cardiff Crown Court and (right) Tenerife beach 

A JUDGE has let a convicted British criminal go on holiday to Spain before he is sentenced over possession of a stun gun and class A drugs.

Colin Watson, 51 ,has been spared an immediate prison sentence so he could enjoy a pre-booked holiday to the Canary Islands.

Judge Jenkins agreed to postpone the crook’s sentencing as ‘an act of mercy’ but campaigners have said it sends mixed messages to crime victims.

“It is quite extraordinary and virtually unprecedented in my experience for a judge to adjourn sentencing of a convicted serious offender to allow them to go and enjoy a holiday.

“It’s also a bizarre message to send to victims of all crime who are concerned about sentencing in this country,”  said victim’s rights campaigner Harry Fletcher.

Watson, from Pontypool, has pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon, an offensive weapon, and drugs.

The Welshman faces a ten year jail sentence.

Judge Jenkins told Watson: “You have pleaded guilty to a number of very serious matters. I am trusting you. Don’t let me down.”

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