TROLL: Camilo de Ory made online jokes after Julen

A MAN who trolled the parents of Julen Rosello, the tot who died down a well, has defended his comments as ‘jokes’.

Victoria and Jose, the mum and dad of the two-year-old, denounced the poet, Camilo de Ory, for ‘degrading treatment’ after his sick tweets taunting them.

His remarks included: “Hey, what do I say? I think the child could also dig a little.

GRIEVING: Jose and Victoria, the parents of the dead child denounced de Ory

“To top it off, Julen’s father had put sausage in the paella.

“Julen, how could you have fallen so low?”

The comments were made during the 13 days Julen was trapped in the well in Totalan, after he fell in on January 13.

But de Ory, who won the Emilio Prado de Poesia Prize for his poetry in 2005, claimed he was merely using black humour.

RIP: Julen Rosello fell to his death in a well in Totalan, Malaga

He said: “I claim and I think you can trivialise everything.

“Humour has no limits, but my aim was not to offend those parents but to hyperbolise the media circus that had been mounted around the case of that child.

“During those days I received hundreds, even thousands, of threatening messages, some even of death.”

If found guilty of the crime of ‘degrading treatment’ the controversial poet could face a prison sentence of between six months to two years.

De Ory has not yet been summoned by the Court No. 6 of Madrid.

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