THIS is the moment two English fans were filmed scrapping in the water of a marina in Gibraltar. 

The footie fans, believed to have been supporters of Liverpool and Tottenham, were seen fighting in the marina of Ocean Village on Saturday. 

It came ahead of the historic clash in Madrid which saw the Reds claim a 2-0 victory over Hotspurs. 

The local who filmed the clip told the Olive Press: “I was walking towards my boat and saw them fighting in the water and thought ‘wtf?’ 

“I have no idea why they were fighting but I think they were rival football fans so go figure.”

The clip shows the two men swiping at each other although neither seem to land a blow. 

Social media users branded the pair ‘stupid idiots’. 

“Embarrassing two grown men behaving like 8yr olds,” wrote one local, “Good for them tide was low, must say though a lot of splashing and no punches.”

Another said: “I thought the neanderthals were extinct. Their mums must be so proud.”

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