PARKED: Picardo has defended himself in Midtown car parking row

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has parked the bus in a escalating row over a pair of the Rock’s premier parking spots

Picardo has slammed claims he took advantage of his position to obtain double deluxe parking spaces in Midtown Car Park for a reduced rate.

Shadow Public Finance Minister Roy Clinton has claimed Mr Picardo and Financial Secretary Albert Mena paid only £22,500 for spaces in the government-owned facility, which should have fetched £40,000.

“Questions arise as to any conflict of interest and potential preferential treatment and thus the Chief Minister and the Financial Secretary need to provide an explanation,” said Clinton.

Clinton has tabled a motion calling for a Parliamentary Select committee to investigation the sale of spaces.

Responding to the motion, Picardo has strongly rejected the accusations of preferential treatment and described the motion as a ‘remarkable climb down.’

The Chief Minister said: “I very much welcome the proposal for a Select Committee of the House to look into the untrue and defamatory allegations that Roy Clinton has made against me and Albert Mena.

“It shows Mr Clinton is now massively on the back foot and has nothing left to say. He is obviously now just trying to find a shield for the consequences of the huge mistakes he has made. “

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