REVEALED: The Junta budgets designed to benefit residents in Andalucia

IT’S good to see the Junta finally handing out some cash to projects which benefit residents rather than lining their own pockets – as they did for decades before being rumbled!

There are many worthy projects which have made the list, specifically a motorway to Ronda, vital research projects and some extra funding for key cultural sites.

Another encouraging investment is the €142 million for the ITI programme (Inversión Territorial Integrada) to modernise the most undeveloped areas in Cadiz.

This could go some way to undermining the grip of the local drug cartels, who benefit from grinding youth poverty and a lack of opportunity.

Best of all though is the vital €80 million being sunk into sewage projects around are to get a huge amount of money in Huelva, with €35m set aside, while Jaen and Cordoba provinces get €22m each.

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