A TOWN Hall has told the Olive Press it ‘can’t confirm’ a viral trend to poo in Spanish swimming pools despite widespread coverage in UK nationals.

The newspaper El Periodico Mediterraneo sparked the controversy, reporting that teens between 14-16 were encouraging each other to defecate in swimming pools and share the aftermath on social media.

But the Olive Press could not find any evidence of the trend through neither Instagram nor Twitter.

“The Town Hall has indicated on social media that the Segóbriga Park was closed for disinfection,” a spokesperson for Segorbe Town Hall said.

“In A3 Media (Antenna 3) they said it corresponded to a viral challenge, but we cannot corroborate that information.

“We only know what happened in Segorbe.

“We don’t know on what they’re basing the viral challenge.”

This contradicts the original report, which stated it was Segorbe Town hall that originally ‘confirmed’ the trend.

FOUL: Segóbriga Park was forced to close twice in one week

Several pools have indeed been forced to close in order to clean and disinfect the water after becoming contaminated in the Valencian Community.

Segóbriga Park, in Segorbe, was forced to close twice in one week.

Poo was found in the pool on July 24 and July 31 in what was described as a ‘deliberate’ act.

On July 31, a statement said: “The Town Hall of Segorbe has been forced to close again the pool of Segóbriga park to perform tasks of disinfection of the waters, until tomorrow about 2pm.

Staff at the park were shocked as ‘nothing like it had happened in 19 years’.

The story has been reported in major UK nationals, as well as Spanish papers.

Antenna 3 have not yet responded to comment.

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