HELPING HAND: Hollywood star Richard Gere has been campaigning for the Spanish and Italian governments to rescue a boat full of migrants stranded at sea

RICHARD Gere has met with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a bid to save a Spanish ship full of migrants.

The Pretty Woman actor and his Spanish wife, businesswoman Alejandra Silva, said they consider Spain’s leader ‘a friend’.

It comes after the Open Arms charity boat has been stuck for two weeks off the Italian island of Lampedusa, carrying 147 people.

Italy’s far right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has been slammed by other ministers for blocking the vessel from Italian ports.

MATES: Richard Gere (left) and Pedro Sanchez meeting back in 2018, with the actor describing the Spanish PM as ‘a friend’

Gere also criticised the politician, with the Hollywood star having said the Government need to stop ‘demonising people’.

The 69-year-old, who became a father with his wife earlier this year, also appeared in a video message urging people to support the charity and the people on board.

Gere also revealed that he didn’t mince his words with the Spanish PM.

“When I talked to him [Sanchez] from the boat, we had a long conversation and I kept reiterating how much he believed in his good will and his sensitivity, but he kept seeing this from a political point of view, not from the humanitarian point of view, ” he said.

“This leads me to believe that all European leaders must listen to their people.”

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