HIGH-SPEED: A video appears to show police chasing drug traffickers near Duquesa port

SHOCKING footage has emerged that appears to show drug traffickers fleeing police in a high-speed sea chase.

A Guardia Civil boat can be seen speeding after two men in a ‘narco’ dinghy, before they dump it and run across the beach.

In another video police can then be seen towing away the semi-rigid inflatable vessel with a tractor.

The images shot on Playa de la Colonia near Duquesa Port are the latest, which appear to show drug traffickers operating in broad daylight.

BROAD DAYLIGHT: Drug trafficking on the Costa del Sol

The footage was taken by staff at Chiringuito Almijara at around 10:30am on Sunday nearby to where the Sabinillas Feria was being held.

The area is popular with children, families and holidaymakers.

A JUPOL statement read: “Drug trafficking does not stop on a beach full of tourists and children!

“We want real and EFFECTIVE measures.”

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