A Father Accused Of Killing His Six Month Old Baby Attempts Suicide By Stabbing His Neck In Spains Sevilla
ON TRAIL: The father is alleged to have killed his own child two years ago

A FATHER who’s accused of murdering his six-month old baby in Sevilla has tried to commit suicide. 

He is alleged to have killed his own baby in June 2017, in the neighborhood of El Cerezo.

It is reported that on Wednesday he tried to take his own life by puncturing a sharp object into his neck. 

Sources via the Europa Press indicated that the defendant was undergoing “a lot of pressure” for this trial, in which he continues to maintain his innocence.

He is in a stable condition, however, and being treated at Virgin University Hospital del Rocio, Sevilla. 

The mother of the child is on trial, too, as she is suspected to have abused the child. Prosecutors are asking for a six-month sentence for her.

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