A ROBBERY victim has denied owning suspiciously large volumes of cash after more than €500,000 was snatched from his car. 

It comes as prosecutors are seeking a six-year prison sentence for each of the five men accused of stealing the money from his vehicle, which was parked in an underground garage in Dos Hermanas.

The suspects, known only as F.S.S., P.R.H., E.M.I., G.R.C. and G.R.R, are accused of donning balaclavas, hats and gloves before entering the private garage on October 24, 2017, using a ‘remote control device.’

Authorities still do not know how the group managed to acquire such a device.

At around 4am, four of the suspects headed straight for the locked car, which was in ‘perfect condition’ and parked in a space belonging to the sister of the owner.

A fifth suspect was waiting in a getaway car outside.

The court heard how the men then allegedly smashed the right front window and began searching the interior.

“They ripped and fractured the dashboard, cracked the seats, searched the entire interior, ripped out the exterior profiles and rear headlights and cut the chassis plate,” the prosecutor claimed.

He added that there were ‘large hollow spaces hidden between the walls’ and that it was there they found ‘a red bag with “autos ok” written on it, and a backpack.’

Inside the red bag were seven sealed packages containing 500, 200, 100, 50 and 20 Euro bills, while the backpack contained 13 similar packages – a total of €547,180.

The owner of the car, however, denies the cash belongs to him.

The trial continues.

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