AT least 23 lynx were run over and killed in Andalucia last year, new figures have revealed.

According to WWF, this number rose to 35 nationwide, accounting for around 5% of the population of the protected wildcat.

However the numbers are a drop from 27 deaths in 2018 and 31 the year before.

It comes after progress was made on modifying the A-4 road in Sevilla last year, a black spot when it comes to lynxes being hit by cars.

However the WWF said more work is to be done on the road in the Ciudad Real region.

Baby Iberian Lynx e

The N-420, which saw two lynxes hit last year, is already being modified to be safer for the wildcats.

In general, 2019 was a positive year for the Iberian lynx, with an estimated 150 believed to have been born across Spain and Portugal.

It means the population has increased by 22.4%, according to estimates.

The population is now believed to be between 820 and 830.

Animal conservationists said the figures suggest an upwards trend of population growth.


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