Another month, another election. 

The cogs of democracy in Spain are clanking again in what has seemed a year of repetitive headlines with two general elections and two winning parties without an absolute majority.

To British expats, many without a vote, it may seem a chore to read up on Spanish politics.

But you should do: for a new government means a turbo-charged Spanish state ready to enact a backlog of laws that will affect each and every one of you.

From Brexit to the environment and from new laws governing scooters to social justice, expect a raft of new measures regulating our lives here.

Whether you’re a fan of socialism or not, a democratically elected government in power, at last, is good news for Spain.

And there is no doubt Pedro Sanchez is a gentleman and a fighter and with Pablo Iglesias alongside him, he has one of the most intelligent party leaders in Europe.

Now we can all move forwards for the next four years without another darn election.

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