THERE’S something fishy going on in Spain’s seas.

This is the shocking video of a fish, captured in the Canary Islands, with a stomach full of plastic.

The seemingly horrific footage appears to lay bare the brutal impact humans are having on the natural world.

SHOCKING: Fish found with stomach full of plastic

The footage which is now going viral appears to show a bleak picture of what is becoming a pressing reality: millions of tons of plastic waste entering the oceans and being ingested by fish and mammals.

The video shows a man opening the stomach of a fish and revealing the waste contents of various shapes, sizes and materials.

The man can be heard saying ‘plastico, puro plastico’.

It is believed that the video was filmed in Tenerife.

However, doubts have been raised as to the true reality of the fish. According to Lancelot Digital, the fish, identified as a sea bass is likely to be from a fish farm where they have no hunting experience and therefore consume all plastics. 

Although it is very common that plastic can be found in the digestive systems of many species of fish, this video and particular fish, may show an exaggerated amount due to the circumstances if it is in fact a fish farm escapee.

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